How will my student obtain a diploma?

PHA offers a diploma program for those who desire a high school diploma through PHA. The fee is $25 during the student’s senior year. The PHA diploma is recognized as documentation and representation of the academic completion of a student’s high school curricula. Since no accrediting agency exists for homeschools, the PHA diploma is not accredited. However, the PHA diploma meets the state requirements for graduation in SC and therefore satisfies the graduation requirements for consideration for South Carolina state college scholarships.

What other options are there for obtaining a diploma?

You are free to create your own diploma, and you can find many helpful resources online.

You may also enroll in an accredited correspondence school or satellite program. Enrolling your student in a correspondence or satellite school does not negate the need to be registered with an accountability association, such as PHA, in the state of South Carolina. You also need to be sure that a diploma from a correspondence school will qualify your student for federal and/or state financial aid or scholarships.