Assigning High School Grades

Because Palmetto Homeschool Association provides qualified students with Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and LIFE Scholarship application assistance, we must comply with the SC Commission on Higher Education (CHE) standards. Therefore, every enrolled high school student must submit final numerical grades for all courses taken each year so that a Grade Point Average (GPA) may be calculated based on the SC Uniform Grading Scale and all students in each class ranked.

Palmetto Homeschool Association desires that our student’s grades and transcripts be as credible and valid as possible. Therefore, we suggest that parents average the grades from tests, quizzes, and assignments to come up with the course final numerical grade.


Class Ranking Policy

Ranking is mandatory for all PHA high school students in grades 9-12  except for those with extreme learning disabilities not able to complete high school level course work, and are registered as special education.

The student’s GPA is calculated from submitted grades using the SC Uniform Grading Policy Scale. Computations will not be rounded to a higher number.  Once a GPA has been computed for all students in a given class, all grade point ratios are rank ordered numerically from highest to lowest and each student’s class rank is determined by the position of his/her GPA relative to all other students in a given grade.  The class size, along with the calculated GPA, is used for each grade level in order to produce the ranking for each student.

The Class Rank is one of the criteria used by the colleges and CHE to determine state scholarship eligibility, and must be completed by or before June 15 of the current academic year as set forth by the CHE.  PHA will adhere to the CHE requirement of the June 15 date no matter what day of the week it falls.