Subjects/Curriculum Resources

What subjects am I required to cover?

Option #3 state law 59-65-47 states that your curricula must include, but is not limited to, five subjects: reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature.

The South Carolina Department of Education provides a high school courses and requirements listing for those who wish to pattern their high school course of study after the public school or receive a diploma through PHA.

South Carolina’s colleges and universities require certain college preparatory courses. These required courses may differ from the 24 units required for a high school diploma. To find out more, contact the admissions department of the college(s) your student is interested in attending. 

What high school curriculum resources should I use?

PHA parent-teachers are free to choose whatever materials they determine are best for their student’s interests and learning styles. This freedom is what attracts many families to Option 3 homeschool associations like PHA, rather than Option 1 or 2, where your curricula choices are much more regulated. With PHA, you are free to use a formal, complete curriculum package like Bob Jones or Abeka, or use an eclectic approach which includes texts from different publishers. You may use prepared unit studies, create your own unit studies, use an objectives checklist, use library books, or enroll in a correspondence school with or without full record-keeping services. The possibilities are limitless. PHA respects your freedom to use the materials that meet your student’s individual needs. Our resource list will assist you in this sometimes daunting, but rewarding task.