Membership Benefits


Parent-teachers are allowed to choose their own methods and materials, including, but not limited to, traditional texts, unit studies (pre-packaged or created by the parent-teacher), library and online resources, or experiential studies.


Members are given flexibility in choice of method(s) for assessing their student’s progress. Standardized testing is not required in South Carolina for homeschooling students. However, if you choose to use standardized testing, your handbook will guide you to organizations that provide standardized tests/testing services for homeschoolers.


Members may choose the beginning and ending date of their homeschool year, as long as 180 days are documented for the academic year.  High schoolers need to be aware that grades are due May 25th for 9th-11th graders and May 15th for 12th graders. Note: If you’re new, membership with PHA must be active before beginning your homeschooling.


If requested, verification that your membership is active and in good standing will be provided to your local school district or individual school once your application is approved.  You may also request verification of membership for the DMV, participation in sports, dual enrollment, etc. at no additional fee.


Record Keeping (K-12)

You are allowed to maintain all of your student’s academic records:  attendance, progress reports, standardized test scores, etc.  PHA only asks to see these if necessary to confirm association compliance.  



Palmetto Homeschool Association provides a mandatory transcript program for grades 9-12. We will create an official transcript from your reported grades for your students to use for participation in public school sports, college enrollment, scholarships, or other post-high school needs.  There is a fee for the transcript program.  This fee includes unlimited transcript requests before and after graduation and assistance in meeting the SC diploma requirements, if desired.  


Palmetto Homeschool Association offers a diploma based on the same 24 minimum credit requirements as SC state high schools.  Parents also have the freedom to set their own standards for graduation and issue their own diploma.


Palmetto Homeschool Association will assist you in the process of receiving state scholarships for which your student may qualify.



Palmetto Homeschool Association provides a cap and gown graduation ceremony for our high school graduates who choose to participate.

PHA Resources

We provide a member’s handbook which includes a list of support groups, FAQs, and other valuable information.  High schoolers are provided an additional High School handbook.  We are available by phone, email, and in person whenever you have questions or need assistance at no additional charge. We strive to return phone calls and emails within 24-48 hours.


Membership Certificate and Homeschool Identification Cards are provided for all parents and high school students, and if requested, homeschool verification for the DMV or Technical/ Community College enrollment. Through PHA, you can receive discounted memberships for HSLDA.


Legislative alerts, homeschool workshops, and current event updates will keep you informed.