What about a high school transcript?

As homeschooling has grown, the need for an officially ranked transcript has become more of a necessity. Transcripts are used for scholarship purposes, higher education, the military, as well as to verify a student was in compliance with SC homeschool law.

This program is mandatory for all high school students homeschooling under PHA. PHA will keep track of student grades in our database and generate a transcript with student GPA calculated according to South Carolina’s Uniform Grading Scale and a class ranking. PHA transcripts are embossed with the official transcript seal of the Palmetto Homeschool Association. The cost of this service is $50/year for all high school students.

There is no additional cost for sending transcripts, and there is no limit to how many transcripts may be requested.  Transcripts may be requested for current students and graduates – there is no expiration date for requesting trancripts.

When requesting transcripts, please allow 7-10 days for processing the request and provide a contact person if at all possible.  Providing a contact person allows us to track down transcripts if they get “lost” at the institution.